22 October 2013

In bed

As a general rule, pets are not allowed upstairs. So when Martin is invited there and on the bed, how more lovely cen it get?

In the sun

Because his bones and articulations are sometimes a bit painful, Martin likes to be in the sun. That's a big change with before. So while Philippe stays inside because he's hot, Martin goes in the garden when there is sun. 


Martin is becoming an old dog. So far he only has a few physical problems, like stiff poes in the morning and sometimes pain in his back. But he is still the lovely and loving dog he always was. 
I took him to school to meet my pupils and it went fantastic: kids love him and he loved the attention. Next time I might take Philippe as well. 

Older yet beautiful

The boys in their nest

12 June 2011

Happy family

Martin is becoming more and more of a nice dog. Exceptionnally sweet and cuddly, even if sometimes he's forcing people in the street to give him cuddles. We call him a « cuddle slut », he seems to see from afar who will give him attention and goes to them, looking cute. I wish I had the same people skills!

Martin and Philippe seem quite happy together. Philippe is almost an adult, he's 37kg and is becoming also sweet. He is even starting to listen. They play a lot together, sleep together, lick each other and even the cat sleeps with them at night.

02 June 2011

In the garden

We closed the garden so the dogs can go in it and not run away everywhere on the island. They love it.

20 March 2011

15 January 2011

19 August 2010

18 August 2010

03 August 2010

Grey hair

Martin is around his fifth year of existence. He's growing grey hair around his mouth, which is a typical grown up Labrador thing. It makes him cute.

At the same time, it also means that Martin is more or less at the half of his life (8 years for the unlucky ones, 14 years for the lucky ones). It makes me a little sad already, because you suddenly realize that the best dog you've ever met isn't here forever.

Dogs are like people in many aspects. Also in the sense that some are good dogs, some are bad dogs, and a few are quite exceptional. Martin belongs to the exceptional category: most people remember him, his name (more than mine!) and actually ask for his company. They know that he may be masculine and muscled, but that he's also very sweet and full of attention.
He cheers up people, also in bad situation, including junkies and hobos, but I noticed that bad people don't like him. They're not nice to other people, they're not nice to animals either. And Martin is very sensitive to that.


When I travel I miss him more than family and friends. Mostly because we can't have this body language thing, the cuddles and because he can't read emails.
Even though Lewis thinks the dogs shouldn't be separated, I'd like to travel with Martin again. He's a nice and obedient companion, in an intelligent way: I don't have to have him leashed all the time, he mostly knows what to do and when to follow.
I took him to the Gay Pride in the Province, he managed to become the mascot of the Schiphol Marechaussee and get cuddles from more or less anyone. I wish I had his social skills, sometimes...

01 August 2010

Martin is a lovely dog

It's been a while since we posted something here. It's just that there is nothing spectacular happening in Martin's life. He's a sweat dog, very loving and listening (almost) all the time. We moved to the Western Islands in Amsterdam (Westelijke Eilanden), so he gets to swim in the IJ river quite often and/or play at the Westerpark.
His little brother Philippe is now almost completely grown up. Although Philippe is bigger than Martin, Martin feels like he's responsible for the pack. He's very protective and is not afraid of bigger dogs when it comes to defending "the little one".

Martin's biggest problems are small dogs. Many of them are not socialized properly and are very very agressive, barking whenever a bigger dog come along. Sometimes it goes wrong because these little dogs attack Martin and Philippe and Martin attacks back. Afterwards it looks like Martin butchered the poor little dogs but for real it's more the other way round.

Another of Martin's problems is that he likes human attention. He sometimes enters people's homes to get cuddles and not everyone likes that. We are trying to punish him and make clear that it's not something we want, but he's such a cuddle slut that he doesn't listen. Fortunately, most people who have no problems with Lab cuddles remember him and are actually looking for his company...

18 May 2009

Day with Friends @ Wijk aan Zee

Update ...

Martin's daily schedule is currently boring; sleeping, eating and tiny walks in the area. It is difficult for Martin to be socially exclused but it is for the best. He is doing a lot better and is aware of the fact that his leg is slowly improving. In a few weeks time I am sure he will be running, swimming and jumping around again as if nothing happened.

16 May 2009

Think twice ...

Martin seems to be less bothered by with the fact that he does not have full control over his leg.

The Vet was happily surprised to see a major improvement in Martin's situation and prescribed Prednoral (Prednisone) or simply "steroids" for short. This drug helps to decrease inflammation and it seems to be working. The only downside may include weight gain and this is for a Labrador not what you call a welcome side effect.

15 May 2009

Update ...

Today Martin is doing much better. He seems to be aware of the fact that his left hind leg is not working properly. What injury triggered this sudden semi paralyzed leg? My guess is a good as any so-called vet and/or Orthopedic doctor so it seems.

We decided to let nature take its course, giving the fact that endless tests does not benefit Martin nor our nerves. I honestly think that the only party benefiting from stressful (needless) tests are those whom decided to make a living of clueless pet owners.

14 May 2009

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Two days ago Martin misstepped himself and is now currently limping with his left hind leg. A visit to the Vet seemed to be the next logical thing to do. Since the Vet could not diagnose the cause of Martin limping, we made an appointment with Orthopedic doctor. An orthopedic doctor is a surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of bone and skeleton-related problems.

After thoroughly examining Martin two X-rays were made. For the untrained eye there is not much to see other than a few bulging spinal discs. (see picture) It is still unsure what is causing Martin to limp, leaving us restless and worried.

In order to find out what is wrong with Martin, the Orthopedic doctor suggested a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) total cost EUR 850. Since no one really knows what's causing Martin to limp, I am hesitant to make Martin go through endless examinations leaving us with nothing to show for. Our insurance is covering most of the expenses but that is not what we are after. Lots of Vetinarians and other specialists seem to push you in undergoing unnecessary examinations, just so they can make an extra buck or two. Out of love for your pets we are ready to do just about anything for them. Nevertheless, this money making businesses are abusing and taking advantage of those owning pets, telling you indirectly that you do not love your pet unless you are willing to do everything necessary to make your pet healthy again.

02 April 2009

23 February 2009

Fun in Schoorl

22 February 2009

Martin in Schoorl

Pic by Alix.

31 December 2008

A little brother ...

Totally unaware of the fact that we are currently in the process of getting Martin a little brother, we are slowly trying to familiarize Martin with new toys and drop the puppy's name every now and then. Of course another male choc Labrador, what else *smile*

May I introduce ...

Philippe Duponant Chambon-Marques
Born November 17th at Breeder IJsven Bergeijk - Netherlands

PHILIPPE - A personal name, derived from the Greek Philippos (Φίλιππος), meaning "lover of horses" or "friend of horses".

DUPONANT - Meaning "from the west" In French it is an old navy word for west (in opposite to Levant).

MARQUES - The name Marques comes from the ancient culture of France. It was a Norman name for a nobleman who ranked just below the level of an Earl and is derived from the Old French word Marquis which signified this lofty position.

CHAMBON - as family name, Chambon comes from the Frank "ham" (strong), gallicized in "chamb", easier to pronounce for Gallo-Roman populations, to which the case subject -on was added. It is a very old French family name. Most of the Chambon names come from Auvergne.

Philippe will make his grand appearance on Saturday January 3rd 2009. He will be having his own blog then, so do not forget to go to check it out @ philippeduponant.blogspot.com.

28 December 2008

Martin, Nr. 1 Fetcher

After I had enough of the fetching game, Martin still manages to bring the ball back to me.

Wrong Body Syndrome?

Many times I have asked myself; when we got Martin 3 years ago ... did we in fact get a dog or a Beaver? Labradors are known to be water rats but Martin takes the cake.

Martin showing off his good side, being a model ...

Martin @ Normandie

If there is one thing Martin loves more than anything in the world ... it's acting like a true rebel,showing muscle and his ability to be one with nature.

30 November 2008

Weekend at the Veluwe

Temperature: 1°c
Humidity: 99%
State of Martin, the daddies and the clothes after the weekend: tired and muddy.
But happy.

15 April 2008

Two and a half

Martin is now two and a half years old. In six month he will be a full grown adult. Obviously he will remain quite a short Lab, and also a cute one. For French standard he is alright. For Dutch standards, he is on the short side. He was the smallest of the nest.
We know him quite well now. He has a mind of his own, cannot resist playing with colourful objects or other dogs. He loves children and water, need a lot of affection, listens quite well and loves to hunt for objects or cats. He never bites, unless he is attacked by another dog. He has a good dog étiquette: sits before meeting, greets properly, never agressive... We're really proud of him.